Saturday, December 17, 2011

Goals for the 26th Year of My Life

Last year around this time I woke up one morning realizing that on my 25th birthday I wouldn’t start living the 25th year of my life, in fact that had already been lived; and while this shouldn’t be a big shocker, I hadn’t realized that the first quarter of my life would be complete. I began to panic over what I had accomplished and was concerned about building new goals for the future.

With my 26th birthday just a few days away (December 21, 2011), I felt it was important to analyze both the goals I set for myself a year ago, the accomplishments I’ve made aside from those goals, and tell you about one of the most exciting things I’m doing to celebrate my birthday...I’m going to jump ahead and start with this!

Celebrate! On December 21st I’ll be hosting my birthday party, The Red Tomato Birthday Benefit will help to raise money for a local organization; Keystone Opportunity Center. They play an important role in the Souderton community with a few key components: food bank, housing program, ESL classes, and so much more. I’m so thankful for the support of both the Red Tomato owner, Giuseppe Chiaro, the local businesses who have donated to the silent auction, and to one of my best friends, Charlotte Carey. Charlotte is a Chef from London and visits each Christmas, she will be preparing a special hors d’oeuvre for the event. If you’d like to join in on the fun you may register at 

My Goals. I made five - two out of the 5 are fully accomplished. The others I knew would be a work in progress.

1. Take Spinning Classes: I now take Spinning Classes 1-2 nights a week and I kick butt! In January I began spinning once a week along with water aerobics 3-4 times per week, at this time I started weight watchers online. I’ve now lost a grand total of 30 pounds! Recently I’ve started teaching water aerobics at the YMCA, now I can pass on the encouragement my instructors gave me.
2. Learn to Ride a Bike: Yes, by 25 you should know how to… but in fact I didn’t, and I was scared I would fall. On a trip to Wildwood this Spring, my friends Amanda and Dan put up with my screaming, slow pace, and eventual victory laps on the boardwalk. Here is a video so you can see yourself!


3. Learn Italian:
One day I would like to intern in Italy while gaining my Masters in International Business. And guess what, my Mother has let it slip - this Christmas I’ll get to begin this goal. I’ll be receiving Rosetta Stone to learn Italian. Thanks Mom! 
4. Study for GMAT’s: I have began! For now that’s all I will say - I promise to keep you updated. 

5. Learn to play an Instrument: For the past year I’ve been debating between the Piano and the Guitar - I’ve finally settled on the Piano. I’ll be purchasing a keyboard and learning the keys on my own first.

    One of my favorite quotes is “In life, the journey is the destination.” Over the last year I did not achieve each goal, however, the experiences, friendships, and the continuous push to reach each goal have made the journey memorable. This includes little achievements throughout the year. Volunteering more than ever, presenting to business owners about how to improve their social media efforts, throwing successful, well attended professional networking events, learning to use InDesign and Dreamweaver. 

    For my 26th birthday, beginning the 27th year of my life I’ll be setting even more goals and continuing to work towards those set last year. Stay tuned for them! It’s important that we all keep living, learning, growing, and challenging - try it out for your next birthday or even for New Year’s and keep reminding yourself that the journey is what makes it worthwhile!

    Hope to see you at the Red Tomato Birthday Benefit!

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